West-Central Forage Association

Perennial Forage Variety Trials




This is a five year demonstration trial perennial forage species which will be observed for establishment in the first year and forage quality and yield samples in subsequent years.

Alfalfa Haygrazer coated North Star
  Steak  coated Pickseed
  Anik (yellow blossom) Spirit View Ranch
  High Tech Brand Hanna
  Equinox Viterra
Brome AC Success Hybrid Pickseed
  AC Knowles Hybrid Proven
  Montana meadow  Proven
  Meadow Hannas
  AC Rocket Smooth Viterra  
Cicer Veldt Cicer Milkvetch Viterra  
  Veldt Cicer Milkvetch Viterra  
  Cicer Milkvetch Hannas  
  AC Oxley II Brett-Young  
  AC Oxley Pickseed  
Clover Kura Viterra  
  Alsike Hannas  
  Red clover Hannas  
  Red clover North Star  
  Cresendo Ladino White  Pickseed  
Tall Fescue Tall Fescue Hannas  
  Tall Fescue Hannas  
  Barolex Tall fescue Viterra  
  Carnival  Tall fescue Pickseed  
  Riding Brand Brett-Young  
Orchard Grass Early arctic North Star  
  HPS orchard Proven   
  JAY Pickseed  
  KAY Kenlong  
  Potomac Brett-Young  
Rye Russian wildrye North Star  
  Perennial H Hannas  
  BarExtra Italian  Viterra  
  Aubisque Pickseed  
  Perennial BY Brett-Young  
Sainfoin Sainfoin NS North Star  
  Sainfoin H Hannas  
  Sainfoin V Viterra  
  Sainfoin P Pickseed  
  LRC05-3900 Agriculture Canada  
Timothy Common North Star  
  Joliette Farm Pure Seeds  
  Promesse Brett-Young  
  Tim Pro Pickseed  
  Timothy Express North Star  
Trefoil Birdsfoot North Star