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Agroecology is the application of ecology to the design and management of sustainable agroecosystems linking ecology, culture, economics, and society to sustain agricultural production, healthy environments, and viable food and farming communities.

2017 Alberta Beef Producers Environmental Stewardship Award

Tom Thompson of Winding Creek Ranch was the recipients of the 2017 Alberta Beef Producers Environmental Stewardship Award. Click here to watch the video.

The goals of this program are:

  • Make farming systems more profitable, stable, robust, and sustainable;
  • Reducing dependency on external inputs;
  • Help maximize effective use of resources and the environment;
  • Enhance fragile areas and water sources for wildlife and fish habitat;
  • Improve quality of  ground and surface water;
  • Reduce nutrient loading and use of chemical fertilizers;
  • Conserve ecosystem structure and stability of species diversity.
  • Information about Stewardship Alliance for Conservation Agriculture (SACA)

    Our goal is to assist the agricultural community to find practical, environmentally sustainable practices and raise awareness with workshops, information sessions and demonstrations. With the assistance of the Agricultural Service Boards of our members, WCCG is able to connect producers to the ...
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  • Canada Thistle Stem Mining Weevils

    The stem mining weevil was introduced from Europe to Canada in 1965 and to the USA in the early 1970’s as biological control against Canada thistle. The weevil restricts its feeding to this weed and a few close relatives. The weevil larvae feed on the inside of the growing thistle stem, leaving it...
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  • Cows Eating Weeds

    By now it should be clear that we like to help producer explore all kinds of ideas. This year we are going to do just that again. We are going to work with a farmer on training his cows back onto to eat weeds....
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  • Lobstick River Stewardship Project

    WCFA iis compiling a riparian health summary report on the Lobstick River (east of Chip Lake), which will include conducting representative sampling of riparian areas, provide detailed riparian health inventory data, and collecting water quality samples. The information gathered would provide a...
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  • Chip Lake Stewardship Project

    West-Central Forage Association and Yellowhead County, as partners in the Stewardship Alliance for Conservation Agriculture, have secured funding to initiate a Chip Lake Stewardship Project. The project is aimed at addressing concerns that have been brought forward regarding the environmental condi...
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  • Paddle River Stewardship Project

    The Paddle River Stewardship Group (PRSG), is made up of members of the community (Anselmo) that border the Paddle River. They have taken on the task of looking into the best interests of the riparian zone along the Paddle, from its source right up to the Paddle River Reservoir. This season marks t...
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  • Tillage Radish®

    With Tillage Radish® coming out of the eastern United States there were some doubts hanging around the table with regards to its viability for this region. Tillage Radish® could potentially address many of the concerns that producers have in the west central region-soil nutrient deficiencies, soil ...
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  • Milk Application on Pasture

    Farmer talk has suggested that application of waste milk to fields (either as a byproduct of skimming fat for cheese or cream) shows better grass growth and palatability for cows. Results have been seen in the first year, but may diminish over the years as the soil gets healthier and heals. This t...
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  • Gall Flies

    These biocontrol agents attack thistle specifically,causing gall tissue to form on the plant stem,directing energy away from the plant's normal metabolic & reproductive functions, reducing plant vigor, flowering & seed production....
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