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Information about Stewardship Alliance for Conservation Agriculture (SACA)






Our goal is to assist the agricultural community to find practical,

environmentally sustainable practices and raise awareness with

workshops, information sessions and demonstrations. Through this partnership

SACA is able to connect producers to the information they need

to adopt beneficial management practices.


Stewardship Alliance for Conservation Agriculture (SACA) was formed approximately six years ago, under its original moniker, West Central Conservation Group. In 2012, following a restructuring of the group from the original five counties and WCFA, the group underwent a name and logo change to reflect the new partnership between Yellowhead County, Woodlands County and West-Central Forage Association.             

The region has a large variety of enterprises that producers must work in cooperation with  oil and gas, forestry, and the tourism industry. The area is comprised of a large variety of topographies within this gray-wooded soil region. SACA covers the North Saskatchewan and the Athabasca watershed basins. The region has a large number of waterways that could potentially be impacted by agriculture. This consist of six major rivers, eleven creeks and tributaries, including the Paddle River, and 20 large lakes. 


Yellowhead County aims to have a progressive, sustainable and environmentally responsible agricultural industry by enabling good stewardship of the environment.

Woodlands County advises the local agricultural community of modern farming practices, thereby increasing production and profitability and further enhancing farming as a way of life in the area.

West-Central Forage Association (WCFA) is a producer directed non-profit agricultural organization demonstrating new agricultural, technology and production practices through extension activities, applied research, demonstrations and a monthly newsletter, “Forage Views”. 

With past programming, SACA has hosted numerous extension events including tours, workshops and a regionally distributed newsletter, “think green”. SACA has partnered with other agricultural organizations and the Counties to host field days including Pond Days with regional schools at which students learn of the importance of water in our bionetwork, livestock management and riparian management.

SACA assists producers with the completion of Environmental Farm Plans (www.albertaefp.com) and Growing Forward applications (www.growingforward.alberta.ca), grazing management plans and water management plans.

SACA and WCFA have worked closely with producers to develop a watershed group on the upper Paddle River and partner with Cows & Fish and Alberta Conservation Association to have inventories completed on the river to set benchmarks for future projects. Currently the group is working on building a better understanding of Chip Lake among other projects.


For more information about the group do not hesitate to contact:


Jessica Watson

Conservation Agriculture and Extension Program Manager